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Let us take care of the time consuming tasks so that you can concentrate and focus on the day to day running of your business and growing your brand.

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Our Business Administration Services

Monthly Payments

Preparing / loading your day to day or monthly account payments.

Account Reconciliation

Reconciling your income and expenses to your bank statements

Banking Assistance

Assisting with paperwork for new accounts and beneficiary loading etc.

IT Services

Initial setup and monthly/annual managing of Domain registration & renewals, Website & email hosting


Telephony & Internet access. VoIP, PABX, Fibre, ADSL etc.

UIF Registrations

Initial registration and then the updating of staff the come and go from the business entity.

basic accounting

Assistance with implementation of basic accounting / administrative systems and controls


Registration and management of this fund.


Electronic / Digital Secure filing

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Why Outsource to us?

Research has shown that outsourcing of repetitive tasks to experienced companies can not only reduce your monthly costs but increase your productivity and ability to grow as a company.

Use our expertise to get work done efficiently

We are highly specialized in business administration and as such can get work done at a fast rate while maintaining accuracy. By partnering with us you get access to a pool of knowledge that we collect by working with multiple companies.

So you can focus on your core business activities

Gives you and your employees the freedom to focus on your profit generating business activities and let us handle the repetitive admin work. This could be everything you need, to take full advantage of the daily opportunities.

Reduce your expenses

Lower your labor cost by outsourcing this portion of your business to us. We should be more affordable than having a full time employee for a task that might not require a full months salary. Reducing the cost of training staff and managing a staff member that might not stay.


Why outsource?

Leading industry experts and top companies that leveraged the benefits of outsourcing and have spoken up as to why outsourcing allowed them to grow quickly to become the major businesses that they are today.

See companies on the right that embraced outsourcing with great success.

Article sources:



"The important thing here to stress is that thanks to outsourced developers, who later became partners"


"To keep operation costs down, they outsourced development to developers in Russia, and for a fraction of the costs it would have taken to keep business at home."


"Google has been outsourcing work to remote employees for years and seeing excellent benefits. They outsource everything from virtual assistant work, IT work, development, and more. Not to mention, they outsource email support for AdWords, and there is no discrimination on who they hire."


"The interesting thing about Alibaba is they outsourced many of their projects to grow."


"Expensify partnered with an outsourced international software house to take care of their back-end systems."

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